Vajgl pisal Van Rompuyju v zvezi z navedbami o podpori Janši

Novice| 10. 1. 2013 | 5 komentarjev

Evropski poslanec Ivo Vajgl (ALDE/ Zares) je danes popoldne pisal predsedniku Sveta EU Hermana Van Rompuyju v zvezi z navedbami Kabineta predsednika Vlade Republike Slovenije, da naj bi ustno izrazil podporo premieru Janši “ob zadnjih političnih dogajanjih v Sloveniji”, kot so zapisali v Kabinetu.

V pismu Vajgl Van Rompuyja med drugim sprašuje, ali je bil ob danes izrečeni podpori obveščen o zadnjih političnih dogodkih v zvezi z objavo poročila Komisije za preprečevanje korupcije (KPK) in, ali njegova podpora premieru Janši pomeni tudi podporo njegovim ravnanjem, ki jih je preiskala KPK.

V nadaljevanju objavljamo elektronsko pismo Iva Vajgla Van Rompuyju v celoti:

Distinguished President of the European Council, Dear Mr. Van Rompuy,

Today on the website of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia was published a press release with the following headline: “President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy expresses his support to Head of Government Janez Janša”
(see link:

The press release further states that you called this morning Mr. Janša and expressed your full personal support regarding the lastest political events in Slovenia. He stressed the importance of political stability in times of needed political reforms that are of strategic relevance for Slovenia.

Two days ago, the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption of the Republic of Commission published the following statement on its website (

“On Tuesday, 8 January 2013, the CPC, after the ruling of its three panel senate -announced the findings of a year-long investigation into the holders of the highest political offices who are (or were in the time of the inception of the oversight in the beginning of 2012) also heads of seven parliamentary parties in relation to their assets declaration and financial disclosure laws. […]

The CPC’s investigation revealed that out of the seven persons mentioned, two – namely Slovene Prime Minister Mr. Janez Janša (also the head of the main Government Party – SDS) and the Mayor of Ljubljana Mr. Zoran Janković (also the head of the main opposition party – PS), systematically and repeatedly violated the law by failing to properly report their assets to the CPC. […] In the case of Prime Minister Janša the CPC’s investigation additionally uncovered private expenses and use of funds in the amount of at least 200.000 EUR which came of unknown origin and exceed his official income and savings. Furthermore, the CPC has concluded that there are reasons to believe that the purchase of one of the Prime Minister’s real-estate was indirectly co-funded by a construction firm with major government contract. […]”

After this announcement by the CPC, the President of the National Assembly Mr. Gregor Virant (also President of the Civic List party currently in the governmental coalition) called for the resignation of Prime Minister Janez Janša.

Distinguished President, I would like to inquire if you were aware of these latest political developments in Slovenia when you expressed your support to Prime Minister Janša this morning and if your support meant to be extended to the context of his actions investigated and condemned by the Slovenian Anti-Corruption Commission.With best regards,

Ivo Vajgl, member of the European Parliament